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Posted: June 14, 2013 Construction Timeline- Released June 13, 2013

Tentative Timeline for the Next Couple of Weeks  
Remember this schedule is TENTATIVE and can change:
S. Barstow Street - Lake Street to Eau Claire Street 
  • Removal of street light poles has been completed.
  • Concrete removal has been completed.
  • Utility work has been completed.
  • Grading and graveling from Lake Street to E. Grand Avenue was completed on Thursday, June 13th. 
  • Electrical/sound/irrigation conduit to be completed on Friday, June 14th. 
  • Sidewalk removal and replacement beginning at Lake Street is tentatively scheduled to begin on Monday, June 17th. 
  • Curb and gutter is tentatively scheduled for Monday, June 17th. 
  • Light pole bases from Lake Street to E. Grand Avenue are tentatively scheduled for Friday, June 14th.
  • Concrete pavement is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, June 26th. 

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