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Posted: June 14, 2013 Downtown Employees Encouraged to Park in All Day Lots

Employees Encouraged to Park in All-Day Lots
Please be courteous of fellow merchants!

While some merchants may not need on-street customer parking, many others do!  Downtown business owners and employees are part of a unique environment that is at the heart of Downtown Eau Claire. 

There are plenty of theories on what makes a downtown thrive, but the only thing that ultimately matters is whether or not people go there.

 During our days of construction on South Barstow Street, as well as any other time, and in any other district, we must try to welcome customers with the most convenient parking spaces we have.

 We don't want to occupy those convenient spaces, for 2 or more hours, with Downtown employees.  They should available for those who want to enjoy what we have in our Downtown districts! 

 Remember, the City of Eau Claire has made some parking areas available to downtown business employees and patrons.  

  • The parking ramp off of Farwell Street is open and free.
  • The 'Haymarket' parking lot, at the corner of Graham Avenue and Eau Claire Street, is open and free.
  • The Schlegelmilch-McDaniel parking lot is open and free. 
  • The 'Four Corners' parking lot on East Grand Avenue is open for downtown patrons, with a 2-hour time limit.  
We encourage employees to park in the FREE ALL DAY parking areas, as noted in purple and orange on the map below.  We hope that customers are able to use the side streets, 2-hour lots, and metered areas.  

As we work together to encourage people to come downtown, please be courteous of  fellow merchants!


Parking Map

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