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Posted: May 31, 2013 S. Barstow Street Construction Has Begun- Information for Businesses- Week One


South Barstow Street Reconstruction Underway  


South Barstow Street looks quite different, after only four days of construction.  The nearly $2 million project will include things like new concrete pavement, new sidewalks, new planting areas, and new boulevards.

 Construction 3


There will be pedestrian access to businesses on South Barstow Street throughout construction.


S. Barstow Street construction will include:

  • New curb and gutter, concrete pavement, sidewalk, and clay brick paver boulevards
  • Curb bump-outs at the intersections to improve pedestrian crossings
  • Mid-block curb bump-outs to provide public gathering spaces
  • A combination of pedestrian lighting and high-level lighting at intersections
  • Special event electrical capabilities at intersections
  • A combination of tree grates and planting areas
  • An irrigation system and an upgraded sound system

Work is planned to be completed and open to traffic by August 16, 2013.  Work on the brick pavers in the boulevard should be completed by September 13, 2013. 


South Barstow Street Construction Update Meetings



Held Each Thursday

2:00 p.m.

E.C. Firehouse

202 Gibson Street



DECI and City of Eau Claire staff will host Construction Update Meetings for anyone who would like to come and hear about the 

South Barstow Street construction project.  

Contractors will meet with DECI and City staff each Thursday morning to talk about the project-what's been accomplished that week, and what will be on the agenda for the following week.  

Therefore, we will host meetings to relay that information each Thursday afternoon. 

Meetings will be held at the Firehouse at 202 Gibson Street, 

at 2 p.m.


Other Important Information 


  • As the light poles have been taken down, and there is no longer any means for lighting, city engineers are asking businesses to leave their lights on into the evening and overnight hours to provide some light in the S. Barstow Street area.


  • Construction will take place generally between 7 am and 7 pm.  When concrete is being cut and poured, however, work will take place at any hour.
  • Business signs are allowed-they can be 24" x 24" and can be placed on side streets and alleys
  • Sandwich boards are allowed only where there is enough room for a foot clearance of sidewalk space (likely on Farwell, etc.)  There will not be enough room on Barstow Street sidewalks
  • Do not place any signage on street barricades or other street signage

 For updates, please check the DECI website.  There will a 'Construction' tab.  Any information we have will go there!  Also, 'like' us on Facebook if you haven't already.  There are often updates there as well!

Tentative Timeline for the Next Couple of Weeks
Remember this schedule is TENTATIVE and can change:
S. Barstow Street - Lake Street to Eau Claire Street
  • Removal of street light poles has been completed
  • Concrete removal to be completed early next week
  • Sawing of the sidewalk to be completed by the end of next week
  • Storm sewer work began on Wednesday
  • Grading and graveling from Lake Street to E. Grand Avenue is tentatively scheduled for Monday, June 3rd
  • Electrical/sound/irrigation conduit is tentatively scheduled for Monday, June 1st
  • Curb and gutter from Lake Street to E. Grand Avenue is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, June 11th



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