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Posted: April 11, 2013 The Checkout Experience is Most Important!


line at chekoutEven if your retail shop is well-designed with well-priced items you may still lose a sale. An article by Retail Works Inc. suggests that above all things in the buying process the checkout is most important. After a customer spends time browsing your store and finds the exact purchase they've been looking for they don't want to stand in line and wait forever to finally make that product theirs. Sure, it may only be a few minutes, but to them it seems much longer.


The article cites a study conducted by Great Clips that concludes that time is money-especially at the checkout. Essentially if a customer waits more than ten minutes they will think the business doesn't respect their time and over half of these customers will take their business elsewhere.


To read more on how important the checkout process is visit Retail Works Inc.



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