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Posted: February 1, 2013 Downtown EC's Annual Awards Banquet Set for February 28


 Annual Awards Invite

Tom Reber to Speak at Awards Banquet  

Tom Reber is a business coach from the Chicago area and is looking forward to coming to Eau Claire to give his message and help people reach their goals. 


"I'm an average guy fed up with companies, teams and organizations that are settling for mediocrity. I'm a former United States Marine & football coach and have owned a large successful painting company for many years. I love to help people see, lead and execute in UNCOMMON ways and as a result reach their 'somedays.' I speak on attitude, business growth, marketing, leadership and what I call the MOTOR Mindset. 


My goal is to encourage a mindset that embraces uncommon effort and accountability, thus producing a culture that MOTORs against ordinary and delivers extraordinary results. If your goal is to be among the elite in your industry, then MOTOR is for you." 


Reber will talk about how you don't have to allow your circumstances to hold you back from achieving your goals.   His presentation at the Downtown Eau Claire Annual Awards Banquet is called "Someday..It's Closer Than You Think"

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