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Posted: January 24, 2013 Welcome to DECI- Ayres Associates!

Welcome to This Week's New DECI Member!
Ayres Associates, Inc.
Ayres Associates says it's a big firm, with a small footprint.  While Ayres Associates takes pride in making a big impact through designs that meet clients' needs, they strive to minimize the impact our own operations have on the environment.

Ranked the 250th largest design consulting firm by ENR magazine, Ayres Associates not only incorporates environmentally responsible features into the designs it provides to clients, but also uses dozens of energy-saving and waste-reducing practices each workday to reduce the footprint of their offices.  In Eau Claire the office is at 3433 Oakwood Hills Parkway, and Ayres has 12 other locations throughout the country.

To learn more about Ayres Associates, head to their website.

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