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Posted: January 24, 2013 S. Barstow Area Property Owners Invited to Meeting

Property Owners Invited to Meeting
 For property owners in the area of S. Barstow Street from Lake Street to the Eau Claire River; for discussion on the design elements of S. Barstow Street
Wednesday, January 30th, 7 pm at RCU



 Design Committee Mtg-RossDesign Committee Mtg
 Design Committee members and others gathered last Thursday to discuss design elements for the reconstruction of S. Barstow Street this year.  Brian Amundson, Ross Spitz, and Doug Derks, of the City of Eau Claire led the discussion and showed more formalized ideas stemming from what the committee had decided previously.  They discussed things like pavers, light poles and fixtures, landscaping, and costs.  There were 14 committee members in attendance along with 11 others that came to listen and ask questions.  
Design Committee Mtg-Brian
      Project Design Mtg Jan '13

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