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Posted: January 10, 2013 DECI Member to Open This Month

DECI Member to Open This Month


The Lily Pad Lab is excited to announce it will be opening its doors in mid-January.

 What is the Lily Pad Lab?


  • A classroom - a place for kids, alongside their parents, to learn and grow through stimulating and age appropriate classes 
  • A play room - have a cup of coffee or tea, relax on a comfy couch, allow a child to explore all the Lab has to offer
  • A community - an opportunity to meet new families and feel connected


At the Lily Pad Lab, the goal is to inspire kids to explore the world around them; to capture the curiosity of young children, encourage them to hold on to it and let it guide them as they grow, all right alongside their parent or trusted adult.

February/March session of parent/child classes include Tiny Scientists, Art Lab, Lily Pad Test Kitchen, Spanish and Music, The Littlest Lab, and Winter Wiggles.


There will also be Open Lab time in which stations will be set up for kids and parents to explore together; including science experiments, art projects, dramatic play, sensory play, etc.  The Lily Pad Lab will also be hosting one-day Family Events, Baby Brunches, and seasonal celebrations.


The new location is on the second floor, at 2514 Golf Rd S2D in Eau Claire, near Cherry Berry.  Classes begin the first week of February!


To register or to find more details on classes, events and open lab time go to   

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