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Posted: November 15, 2012 The Silver Feather Celebrates 25 Years Downtown

Jane Wolf likes customers to have an 'experience' at her specialty store. She invites people to come in to the Silver Feather, try on her unique jewelry, and have an enjoyable time shopping. Jane has been creating such experiences at 126 S. Barstow for 25 years.

She'll be celebrating her years downtown this weekend and next weekend with refreshments, special entertainment, and prizes. "It's a rewarding type of business. I get thank you cards! People thank me for what they've purchased here."


The Silver Feather carries authentic handmade American Indian jewelry and art. To Jane, her business isn't merely a business, but a wonderful place where she's created many friendships over the years. "A lot of my customers have become my friends. So many are repeat customers. And I've gotten to know all of the artists. I used to buy from one generation, now I buy from their children as their art is passed down."


Jane says she wouldn't be any place but downtown. "For shoppers, it's comfortable and gives the opportunity for a more personal experience."




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