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Posted: September 18, 2012 Two-Way Traffic Switch Downtown Set For September 20th

Drivers heading to work Thursday morning will encounter a big change in downtown Eau Claire.  Vehicles on S. Barstow Street and Graham Avenue will be travelling in both directions.  This hasn't been the case since 1971. 

What will happen overnight tonight:


  • Traffic signal indications at Barstow and Eau Claire St. will be removed and 4-way stop signs will be installed
  • A new stop sign will be placed at Main and Barstow
  • Covers on stop lights will be removed on updated lights
  • All existing one-way and wrong way signs will be removed
  • Message boards will indicate changes
  • New loading zones areas will be revealed
  • Temporary two-way reminder signage will be placed


The next major phase of this project will take place in the spring, when South Barstow Street will be reconstructed.   Engineers at Ayres Associates say the 39-year-old pavement is deteriorating, showing its age, and needs to be replaced. 


Learn about the two-way traffic conversion downtown in this interview with Transportation Engineer Ross Spitz on WEAU by clicking here.

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