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Posted: August 30, 2012 Engineers Prep Downtown for Two-Way Traffic Conversion

You'll be noticing more changes beginning next week in preparation for the two-way traffic conversion of Graham Avenue and Barstow Street.  City of Eau ClaireTransportation Engineer Ross Spitz says next week, the plans include modifying traffic signals for when the conversion takes place on September 20.  The traffic island at Eau Claire and Barstow Streets will be removed.  Crews will also be marking the pavement for crosswalks.

During the week of September 17, barrels will be put up as will new loading zone signage.  Crews will also be painting centerlines in the roadways, and removing some pavement markings.  Spitz says they will also be placing electronic message boards up telling drivers of the upcoming conversion.

As for the tentative conversion taking place in the overnight hours of September 19, Spitz says a 4-way stop will be installed at Barstow and Eau Claire Streetd. All one-way signage will be removed, and other necessary signage will be placed. Covers from traffic signals and new loading zone signage will be removed.


September 4th thru September 14th

‐ Traffic Signal Modifications (Lake/Barstow)

   o Southwest corner (remove & replace signal/light pole, remove bumpout)

   o Eastern median (relocate traffic signal pole and remove island nose)

   o Add vehicle detection for “new” south bound Barstow traffic

   o Add south bound Barstow traffic indications

   o Bag/cover new indications

‐ Traffic Signal Modifications (Lake/Graham)

   o Southwest corner (remove & replace signal pole)

   o Northwestern corner (remove & replace signal pole)

   o Add vehicle detection for “new” northbound Graham traffic

   o Add northbound Graham traffic indications

   o Bag/cover new indications

‐ Remove traffic island at Eau Claire/Barstow

‐ Crosswalk pavement markings


Week of September 17th

‐ Barrel off/close “left” northbound Barstow Street Lane (see attached photo, add parking with arrow and  lane closed signage)

‐ Barrel off/close “left” southbound Graham Ave Lane (same as above)

‐ Add new loading zone signage (bag/cover as necessary)

‐ Rotate parking signs

‐ Pavement marking modifications

   o Remove existing markings as necessary

   o Paint double yellow centerline on Barstow and Graham (from Eau Claire to


   o Add turning movement arrows at intersections on Lake, Barstow and


   o Modify pavement marking on Washington Ave to accommodate eastbound

      left turn movement.

‐ Run programmable message boards notifying drivers of upcoming conversion.


Night of Conversion (possibly Wednesday September 19th)

‐ Turn off and remove traffic signal indications at Barstow/Eau Claire and install 4‐way


‐ Install stop sign for “new” sound bound traffic at Main/Barstow

‐ Remove bags/covers on updated traffic signals at Lake/Barstow & Lake/Graham

‐ Remove all existing one‐way & wrong way signage

‐ Modify programmable message boards notifying drivers of the change

‐ Uncover new loading zones (add flags to sign posts)

‐ Add temporary “reminder” 2‐way signage (leave up for a minimum of 30 days)

   o Barstow St and Graham Ave 2‐way traffic signs on all side streets (Eau Claire

      to Washington Ave)

   o Two‐way traffic signs along centerline of Barstow & Graham near intersection


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