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Posted: August 1, 2012 Two-Way Traffic Conversion to Begin Later

One way traffic downtown will remain a little longer than anticipated.  Deputy City Engineer Doug Dierks says the switching of traffic on Graham Avenue, South Barstow Street, and Eau Claire Streets, is now anticipated for the week of September 17, after the International Fall Festival on September 15.  The transition had been planned for sometime after Summer Fest, which is this Saturday.  Crews will remove all barrels on Graham Avenue this week in time for Summer Fest in order to ease any congestion of traffic. 


Transportation Engineer Ross Spitz continues to contact property and business owners to determine delivery needs.  Parking areas will then be designated for downtown deliveries. Dierks also says Graham Avenue and South Barstow Street between Washington Avenue and lake Street will be chip sealed in late August/early September and will be marked for two-way traffic at that time.

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