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Posted: July 27, 2012 People voice opinions on Confluence Project - From WEAU

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Here is the article from WEAU.

(WEAU) - People had a chance to voice their thoughts about the Confluence Project, a multimillion dollar development project proposed for downtown Eau Claire.

It was during an Idea Lounge hosted at Pizza Plus. Developers were looking for input on topics like how to incorporate existing buildings into the project, the proposed performance arts center, and even parking.

Organizers say this kind of interaction will help the project going forward.

Economic Development Director Mike Schatz says "any time you can give a venue and an opportunity to have good discussions, I think that’s a plus. This community is known for its civic engagement and its ability to work through issues and problems so here’s another opportunity to do that.”

Schatz says Wednesday night's informal meeting is the first of many steps of community discussion about the re-development.

To check out the article and video from WEAU visit their website here.

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