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Posted: July 18, 2012 JAMF Software Expands Downtown


JAMF Software Expands Downtown
There's a fairly new storefront on Graham Avenue, on the building that once housed the "Book Peddler," and before that JC Penney. Inside, workers intently sit at computers, meeting rooms, and lounge furniture to talk tech-Apple technology. The nearly 70 workers in Eau Claire are part of JAMF Software, a company that leaders predict, will have top-line revenue topping $20 million this year. JAMF makes software for managing Apple computers and devices.  

While JAMF is headquartered in Minneapolis, one of its founders is originally from Eau Claire and remains in the Eau Claire office. Office Administrator Rebecca Wurzer, says JAMF was founded in 2002, and has recently expanded their space above the Redeeming Grace Church on Barstow Street, to now include and connect to the space at 315 Graham Avenue.


To see a full article on JAMF and its founders, see the article attachment below.

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