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Posted: July 3, 2012 Eau Claire Recognized as a Leading Location for Economic and Job Growth

Eau Claire Recognized as a Leading Location for Economic and Job Growth


EAU CLAIRE, WI - Area Development, an executive publication covering site-selection, facility planning, and relocation, recently ranked Eau Claire 61st out of 365 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) in the United States for Economic and Job Growth.


The study used 23 economic and workforce indicators that originated from three sources: the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Economic Analysis, and the U.S. Census American Community Survey. Some indicators include prime workforce, job growth, wage and salary growth, unemployment rate, and per capital GDP. 


In the "Recession-Busting Cities" category for mid-sized cities, Eau Claire ranked an impressive 8th place overall, demonstrating our resiliency in productivity during a recession.  The study states, " The top performers (in this category) include many Midwest cities that... are now creating jobs and attracting business as U.S. manufacturing comes back shore."

Mike Schatz, the Economic Development Director, stated, "Eau Claire continues to progress in economic and job growth by its ability to attract high quality businesses to the area and help current businesses expand."


View the full report here.



About the Economic Development Division:

As a division of the City of Eau Claire, our mission is to grow local businesses, facilitate expansions, and recruit outside businesses to locate in Eau Claire in order to increase quality of living, add well-paying jobs and grow tax base.

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