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Posted: March 3, 2022 Downtown Projects Receive $2.5 Million in Neighborhood Investment Fund Grants

Downtown Projects Receive $2.5 Million in Neighborhood Investment Fund Grants

Two Downtown Eau Claire affordable housing projects received a boost yesterday thanks to the State of Wisconsin’s Neighborhood Investment Fund Grants.

Governor Evers announced on Wednesday that $1 million will be invested to support the development of the Cannery Trail Residence Phase II, a 43-unit affordable housing development in The Cannery District.

An additional $1.5 million will be invested in the expansion of the Catholic Charities Sojourner House.  The expansion will also allow for more on-site services to be offered to those in need, and will provide enough room for the shelter to continue to serve residents while allowing for social distancing - should the need arise as it did due to COVID-19.  The shelter was forced to find alternative accommodations for unhoused community members during the pandemic due to the close quarters in their current building.

“These grants come at a time when our city, our downtown business community, service providers, and our residents are all having conversations about the very real need for affordable housing options in Eau Claire – a need that is acutely felt in our downtown,” said Aaron White, DECI Executive Director. “While there is plenty more work to be done in regard to affordable housing, these grants are a welcome boost to projects that will help address community need.”

Both projects are set to begin in the near future, adding to the already large number of construction and redevelopment projects currently underway in the city center.

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