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Posted: January 11, 2021 Empowering People On Their Personal Wellness Path

The Luminary Wellness Center | 714 S. Barstow Street Eau Claire, WI 54701 | 1-833 FLOAT EC (356-2832) |

Empowering People On Their Personal Wellness Path

“Nobody knows what to picture for a sensory deprivation float pod or a halotherapy salt booth,” said Kari Jo Green, owner of The Luminary Wellness Center, a space offering whole-body complementary wellness services in Eau Claire, WI. “The sauna is the only thing that people have a reference for.” With her soft opening in November 2019, Green says she’s hit hurdles while building the business, but none have deterred her for even a second.

Following a personal injury, Green didn’t find quality of life and pain management until she combined alternative treatments with traditional medicine—not an easy task, this process helped Green realize that Eau Claire was missing some much-needed wellness services. Green wondered how she could make it easier for other people looking for their own wellness path. “The Luminary services can empower people over their own wellness—finding what works best for them,” Green shared, explaining why she created The Luminary Wellness Center (The Luminary).

Green says the time is right for The Luminary, sharing, “People are definitely becoming more open to [alternative therapies]. Even medical doctors in conventional settings are more aware of them.” This is partly due to the growth of the self-care and wellness industry, and also a result of more people recognizing the value of investing in their own wellness.

Combining her degrees in nursing and psychology, Green feels like she can truly attend to the whole person with the services she provides at The Luminary. “I just feel grateful that this is what I get to do now,” said Green. “I had this fire inside me that was just like, ‘Yep! This is what you're doing. You’re meant to do it.’”

Green opened The Luminary to bridge the gap between conventional medicine and alternative therapies. With her strong research background, Green’s education drives her decisions. “All of the services I currently provide are backed by research,” she said, “I only promote what can be supported by empirical articles.” In addition to the sensory deprivation float pod, The Luminary also offers a full-spectrum infrared sauna, halotherapy booth (i.e. salt therapy), and an oxygen spa—temporarily closed due to COVID-19.

Thanks to more than 1000 pounds of pharmaceutical grade epsom salt, the sensory deprivation float pod lets people effortlessly float in ten inches of water allowing the gravitational forces on the body to ‘float away.’ “The float pod can help with physical issues such as pain management, emotional or psychological concerns such as anxiety, depression or PTSD, as well as personal growth,” shared Green, listing a few of its benefits, adding, “...there's [also] groups of people who float to enhance their meditation practice or spiritual growth. It's kind of crazy everything that it’s capable of doing.” Green believes everyone should experience this “floaty goodness” to discover what floating can do for you.

Currently working part time as a COVID-19 contact tracer, Green is very intentional about keeping people safe at The Luminary. The space is cleaned with NASA-built air purifiers and surface sanitizers, and appointments are staggered to minimize interaction among guests. For a limited time, The Luminary is offering an unlimited halotherapy option to help professionals who wear masks for 8-12 hours each day. Green says dry salt therapy, using pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride, can help with respiratory hygiene and skin issues like mask-related acne. “I have previously worked in infection prevention,” Green said, “That comes in big now, even more than it did before.”

Every decision Green makes for The Luminary is based on how it will make somebody feel when they walk through the doors. She anticipates people's needs and proactively provides for them. During non-pandemic times, The Luminary offers fruit-infused water and tea, and a Zen Den, where guests can chill out before re-entering the world. Although Green no longer wears medical scrubs, she still serves people with holistic wellness care. Except now, she jokes, “People are happy to see me.”

If you recognize the importance of investing in yourself, or you want to give the gift of wellness to someone you know, check out the wellness services offered by The Luminary, purchase a product—things like CBD extract and bath bombs, book an appointment, or grab a gift card!

The content in this article is not intended as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.

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