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Posted: April 12, 2017 New City Grant To Aid Replacement Of Lead Water Lines

You can now check online if you have lead pipes - and if you do, you may qualify for a new City program to help replace them! The City of Eau Claire has over 1,266 lead service lines - that's the pipe bringing water from the street to your home.

1) Working with a local software developer, Andrew Niese of Fresh Software, we now have a searchable database so you can check if your home has a lead water line:

2) The City has created a $500,000 grant program, with the help of Community Services Director Jeff Pippenger, to provide folks up to $1,100 dollars toward replacing their lead water line. This program will go online April 26, 2017.

City of Eau Claire water is safe from lead because it's treated with lime to coat the pipes and keep lead from leaching. However, replacing lead water lines is an extra step toward ensuring safe clean drinking water.

For more information, or to double check if your home has lead service lines, please call the City of Eau Claire Utility Division at 715-839-5045

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