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Posted: November 10, 2016 Downtown Skating Rink May Be On Its Way

Downtown’s North Barstow Business Improvement District (BID) Board is interested in having a public skating rink Downtown. The board voted this morning to allocate funds and work with City staff and the Waterways and Parks Commission to explore making this a reality. The skating rink would be temporary for this winter season and would be located on North Barstow Street in the empty lot in front of the North Barstow Parking Ramp. The lot is owned by the Redevelopment Authority, so their approval would also be needed. The Redevelopment Authority and The City of Eau Claire are currently seeking development proposals for the lot.

"I always get excited about recreation options that involve fitness, and ice skating is a great way to enjoy being outside in the frozen months," said Julia Johnson, North Barstow Business Improvement District President. "This is a unique opportunity to see how popular a Downtown ice skating rink would be. We are hoping it will be a hit with Downtown’s residents and give people another reason to come Downtown."

"The BID is willing to fund it, but it is thanks to City staff that the idea exists and they will be the ones make it happen," Johnson continued.

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