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Posted: August 11, 2016 Local Music Now Playing On Speakers In Downtown Eau Claire

Eau Claire, Wis. - Just in time for Eaux Claires, local music is now being played on the outdoor sound system in Downtown Eau Claire. Downtown Eau Claire, Inc. has partnered with the South Barstow Business Improvement District (BID) and local musician Paul Brandt to bring the music of local artists to South Barstow Street. Local music will initially be featured on the weekends, with hopes of expanding to more days per week.

Brandt, who works at the Eau Claire Music School and the Local Store, volunteered his time to the project by working with musicians, getting releases, making playlists, and working with licensing and rights. According to Brandt, “I felt it was important to highlight all of the quality music from the musicians who really make up the local music scene; the kind of people and bands that are playing regularly here on the weekends. The initial batch of songs was collected from these local artists representing a variety of genres. People can expect to hear music from veterans of the Eau Claire music scene like Sue Orfield and Jim Pullman as well as newer groups like Them Coulee Boys and Idle Empress.”

Audio Architects installed the sound system after street construction in 2013. Andy Pierson of Audio Architects also assisted with the project and lent expertise. The South Barstow BID purchased the sound system and generally has control over what music gets played.

Local musicians who are interested in having their music played Downtown can contact Paul Brandt at

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