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Posted: June 2, 2016 Groups arranging for local music to be played Downtown

If you’re walking down S. Barstow Street in the near future, you may be able to hear the music of local bands and musicians being piped through the outdoor sound system. 

Downtown Eau Claire, Inc. has partnered with the South Barstow Business Improvement District and local musician Paul Brandt to explore the idea and make the project happen. 

Brandt, who works at the Eau Claire Music School and the Local Store, is volunteering his time to lay the groundwork by working with musicians, getting releases, making playlists, and working with licensing and rights. Brandt will be able to access music from the Local Store. 

Audio Architects installed the sound system after street construction in 2013.  Andy Pierson of Audio Architects is also assisting with the project and lending expertise.  The S. Barstow BID purchased the sound system and generally has control over what music gets played. 


Paul Brandt

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