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Posted: May 9, 2016 Ceremony celebrates opening of The Lismore hotel

From Eau Claire Leader-Telegram


Seventeen hours after The Lismore hotel in downtown Eau Claire officially opened, city officials, builders, the hotel’s ownership group and others celebrated the occasion this morning with applause and toast to its future.


“When you step into this building, it doesn’t feel like you’re in downtown Eau Claire,” Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Bob McCoy told a gathering assembled in the hotel lobby shortly before they saluted its future by hoisting glasses filled with champagne. “This place adds a whole new dimension to our city.”

McCoy noted that for years after the structure opened 40 years ago under the Hilton name, it was owned locally and was a viable business. Then, years later, it was bought by owners from the Twin Cities and spun into longtime decline before its eventual closure.

In December 2013 Pablo Properties purchased the hotel and began renovating the dilapidated structure. The $21 million remodel took longer and cost more than the owners anticipated, and today’s ceremony celebrated overcoming those obstacles to create a high-quality business that also includes a bar, restaurant, coffee house and civic center.

“This was a long, difficult, oversized project,” said Zach Halmstad, JAMF Software co-founder and Pablo Properties member. “It feels good to have created this and to open our doors to our customers.” 


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