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Posted: April 28, 2016 Plans unveiled to light up the Phoenix Park bridge


By Emma Wheeler


Eau Claire (WQOW)- The city of Eau Claire moves another step forward to brighten up the Phoenix Park bridge.

The city is looking to add over 300 LED lights to the bridge.  They will light up with millions of different color combinations to perform light shows, or to follow a set theme for holidays or special events.  The lights will also have the capability to synch up with music or a local radio station.

The city is working with the Eau Claire Rotary Club to fund the project, and UW-Eau Claire to incorporate designs by university students.  Project organizers said it's expected to cost between $250,000 and $300,000, which is more than twice the amount the city had originally estimated for the project.

Most of that money will be raised by the Eau Claire Rotary Club.  The city says they hope the bridge will bring extra traffic and growth to the downtown area.

"People really want these types of things in their community, and it's what they go to to bring their friends and family, and it's just a source of pride.  That's something that we really want to build on, and we have that momentum now that these wonderful things are going on downtown, so we want to add to that momentum," said Saline Heller with Downtown Eau Claire Inc.

The project will be presented to the city's Waterways and Parks Commission on Wednesday.  If passed, it will then move on to City Council on May 9.

Organizers said that if all goes well with City Council, they hope to have the money raised by mid August, and have all the lights installed and ready for the city's Let it Glow event in December.


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