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Posted: December 17, 2015 Warmer weather means more traffic for local stores


By Emma Wheeler of WQOW
Having 40 degree days in December was probably not on many minds this year, but now that it's here it might have some people thinking less about the holiday season.

Without signs of a white Christmas to remind us that the holidays are right around the corner, many people could still 
have last minute shopping on their to-do lists.  But some of the locally owned shops in Eau Claire said that just because there's been less white, doesn't mean they have seen less green.

"With it being nicer out, less snow on the ground, we've definitely seen a lot more people come in," said Stephen Pethes, who works at The Hatch.

That's Adorable! owner Beth Schwartz has a similar reaction to the changing season.
"We've actually seen an increase in our number of browsers and shoppers in this holiday season because the weather's been warmer.  People have been out walking so they'll stop in with our open windows, with our lights, that sort of thing.  So we've actually had an increase in sales this holiday season I think because the weather's been warm," said Schwartz.

That's Adorable! held their annual Scones with Santa even Saturday and said they had two to three times as many people come in than years in the past, all enjoying the warmer winter weather.
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