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Posted: December 10, 2015 Downtown Eau Claire celebrates Christmastime in the City

Taken from WEAU
By: Abigail Hantke
 It was an afternoon full of holiday cheer in downtown Eau Claire as thousands stopped down for Christmastime in the City Saturday.

"It just sounded fun and festive, and something we could do as a family and with the weather, it's a good opportunity to get outside," the Duss family said of Eau Claire.

Downtown Eau Claire, Inc. Communications Coordinator Salina Heller says this event just keeps getting bigger and better.

"We are growing, our events are growing, they're getting bigger, people now just love coming downtown and being a part of the community, and that's what we're really all about is just growing the community and having people have the sense of pride in their community that they want to just come and be a part of things," Salina said.
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