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Posted: November 19, 2015 An inside look at the Haymarket Landing building


Taken from WEAU
By Amanda Tyler 
There's no lack of progress happening both inside and outside of the pre-100 block of Barstow Street.
For months, anywhere from 60 to 120 workers have been busy building the Haymarket Landing Building. The mixed use building is the first part of Eau Claire's Confluence Project.
Stuart Schaefer is the president of Commonweal Development, one of the owners and developers of the Haymarket Landing mixed use building.

He says the building, which is being constructed by Market and Johnson is on track to be completed by this summer.

Market and Johnson says last week they put up the final exterior wall of the Haymarket Landing Building, now work continues on finishing the roof before wintertime
"Right now our target completion is June of 2016 and we are on target to meet that schedule," Matt Faulkner the executive vice president of Market and Johnson said.

Commonweal Development says the first floor of the building is strictly retail space. Plans call for a restaurant facing the Chippewa river.

"The restaurant will feature a patio with a view of the river," Schaefer explained.

The 119 apartments on the upper five floors range in size from efficiency apartments to four bedrooms. Commonweal Development says they are primarily meant to be student housing.

"UW-Eau Claire housing is going to be responsible for housing at this point. As has been publicized, there is a real need for housing on the UW-Eau Claire campus so they are targeting this as student housing at this time," Schaefer explained.

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