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Posted: October 15, 2015 Advertising agency is "Hookd" on Downtown


Hookd Promotions has found a home in downtown Eau Claire. Located on the Historic Barnes Block of South Barstow Street since the spring, this full-service, boutique advertising agency depicts the progress and innovation taking place in downtown Eau Claire.
Every time owner Lee Heike opens his second-story windows, he can't help but feel he's in the right place at the right time. Whether it's the sound of jackhammers and cranes developing Haymarket Plaza across the street, or the sound of families on their way to Phoenix Park to take in a concert on a Thursday night, he hears, and sees,  downtown Eau Claire reflecting exactly what he wants Hookd Promotions to reflect.

Hookd Promotions' new, convenient downtown location could not be better suited to the personality and vision of its owner and his team. "You have to talk to people to come up with the best ideas," and being downtown among progressive voices helps make that happen, Heike says.

A former UWEC graduate and 18-year Eau Claire resident, Heike is building on his experience as a marketing director for the Eau Claire Children's Theatre and Marquardt Motors to develop innovation                                     
Through the space he's created, Heike seeks to break a typical '8-5' mentality, inspire innovation, encourage collaboration, and bring new ideas and voices to the table. At Hookd Promotions, "we hate clichés," says Heike, "my goal in life is to go beyond them and to set my clients on a whole new level where they are the trendsetters, not trend-followers.

When Heike sits down at his desk, he looks around and knows he's surrounded by the aura of 130 years of history and the minds that helped build this city. "Just being here," says Heike, "to be a part of the collection of what makes this city tick" inspires him to live out a quote from Helen Keller emblazoned on the wall across from his desk "One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar." 

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