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Posted: May 21, 2012 TV Show Hosted by Terry Bradshaw Features Eau Claire

 A television program, hosted by former football star Terry Bradshaw will feature Eau Claire.  The program, called "Today in America," showcases cities across the country by highlighting them as "hidden gems to live, work, and play." 

The 5-minute piece will air in several television markets across the country.  This month the Eau Claire piece will air in Madison, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis/St. Paul.  It will show at various times on CNN Headline News.

The piece, which was shot by a production crew in December, 2011, illustrates that Eau Claire is a thriving center for education, medicine, and the arts.  City Council President Kerry Kincaid boasts Eau Claire's accolades including that the city is one of the best financially performing cities in Wisconsin, an ideal community for young people, and one of the best places to raise a family.

Renovation of the Downtown, quality higher education, great health facilities, and incubating arts activities are also showcased.  Dr. Randall Linton of the Mayo Clinic Health System, Author Michael Perry, and former UWEC Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich also appear in the video.  There are scenes from all around Eau Claire including:  UWEC, Carson Park, the International Fall Festival, the Downtown Farmer's Market, historical lumbering photos, CVTC, Downtown shots from atop the RCU building, Downtown construction, inside new apartments, people purchasing EC items at the Local Store, Phoenix Park, the confluence, the Summer Concert Series, the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp, Chaos Waterpark, Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild, Eau Claire Regional Arts Center, Janet Carson Art Gallery, Sacred Heart Hospital, the Mayo Clinic Health System, and the Marshfield Clinic.

We thank Visit Eau Claire, the Mayo Clinic Health System, and UW-Eau Claire for their assistance in this project. 

To see the video, go here! 

The piece will air on CNN Headline News (on Charter Cable) beginning on May 22.

The schedule:


Tuesday, May 22:  7:24 a.m., 8:24 a.m.

Wednesday, May 23:  7:54 a.m.


May 22:  5:22 p.m.

May 23:  7:54 a.m., 4:54 p.m.

Minneapolis-St. Paul

May 22:  6:54 p.m.

May 23:  12:24 p.m., 7:54 p.m.


About "Today in America":

The producers of Today in America with Terry Bradshaw are pleased and proud to announce the launch of a new series for the Today in America TV program: "Discover America: Hidden Gems to Live, Work, & Play."

Today in America with Terry Bradshaw showcases cities and towns across America.

Americans are generally familiar with some of the most popular US cities: LA, Miami, and New York, to name a few; these areas attract millions of visitors each year, and are often regarded as major engines of industry and commerce. However, America doesn't thrive on these cities alone. In fact, our country relies on a complex network of thousands of towns and communities, serving as the lifeblood of our economy and infrastructure. These townships offer a diverse array of landscapes, attractions, histories, and unique industries that most Americans are unaware of.

In light of this, the Today in America Terry Bradshaw program is taking the charge in its 2012 season to help viewers discover the homeland, scouring the nation in search of these hidden gems. From the northwest to the southeast and through the heartland, the show will explore a side of America that doesn't get the usual coverage, featuring little-known towns tucked away in stunning terrain, where the quality of life is unrivaled. Join us in this special series, as we tour through these treasured cities that play home to key industries, exclusive events and attractions, business benefits and incentives, and an atmosphere of good old-fashioned, American charm.

Today in America with Terry Bradshaw combs the nation and the globe to bring viewers fascinating stories and firsthand insights from entrepreneurs and organizations within various industries. The television show is broadcast nationally and regionally on many popular television networks. The show's host, Terry Bradshaw, is considered by many to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of the NFL. Since retiring from the gridiron in 1984, Terry has remained a familiar face to television audiences. After ten years with CBS as a Color Commentator, Bradshaw joined Fox Sports in 1994, where he remains today as one of the co-hosts of and analysts for Fox NFL Sunday.

For more information on Today in America with Terry Bradshaw or its host, please visit

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