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Posted: September 22, 2015 Biscuit Lofts celebrate grand opening


On Tuesday, September 22, developers with The Biscuit Lofts in Eau Claire celebrated a grand opening. The opening included tours of apartments and a ribbon cutting, hosted by Metro Plains.
Built in 1891, the historic building has served many purposes. One aspect of its history as its life as a trade school. The trade school, during the World War II, era was one of the first in the nation, teaching attendees many different trades, from mechanics to welding. 
The Biscuit Lofts building is also remembered as the former home of the Eau Claire Parks and Recreation Department. The building has now been converted to a 22 unit apartment complex. Biscuit Lofts has nine 1-bedroom units, seven 2-bedroom units, and six 3-bedroom units, and most of them are already occupied. 
The Biscuit Lofts is poised to see another chapter unfold within its walls and add to the long story already found there. 


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