It's no secret that we have a beautiful downtown that provides several opportunities for breathtaking views when you're on a casual stroll or working on your fitness.

In fact, Downtown Eau Claire is the perfect point to link up to 30 miles of trails within the City of Eau Claire - the second-most extensive city trail system in the state! Downtown can also link you up to the Chippewa River and Old Abe trails for even more mileage outside of the city. 

One of the most popular routes to be accessed from downtown is the 4-mile Winter Route - a route with a priority plowing status so runners & walkers have a consistently clear and safe route to take during our colder months. 

Another of the most popular routes within the city is the one-mile loop from Haymarket Plaza over the three lit footbridges with views of our rivers and downtown (see map). Until now, this route has gone without an "official" name, and we'd like to change that. 

Cast your vote to let us know what name you think fits best the next time you say "Meet me at the _________!"

Cast Your Vote

Photo: Maureen McRaith


Cast Your Vote

Between November 1 & November 30, you can cast your vote for your favorite name for the Downtown 1-mile loop. More than 300 name suggestions were submitted, and volunteers have narrowed down the list to the top 5. Now it's the community's chance to pick the final name! 

The winning loop name will be announced at the Haymarket Holiday on December 4th at Haymarket Plaza

Cast Your Vote Today!

Photo: Joey James