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From Nigeria to America

Produced by: @kehfam & @_soyrhttp://www.sawyerbrice.com/ ; https://kehfam.myportfolio.com/pii

The purpose of this short documentary is to capture a growing generation of youth. Youth who can be found between two worlds, a world where your parents worked and emigrated to make a better life for you, a world where after you arrive home you switch your English off, a world where every Saturday you facetime your grandma thousands of miles away, coupled with the everyday life and struggle of an American millennial. The ways these two identities interact creates a unique opportunity for storytelling where these individuals neither identify as completely "American" or Chinese, Korean, Morrocan, etc. They serve as a bridge between distance planes and harbor incredible stories, inspirations, and experiences which this world has never had an opportunity to experience. The actions of these individuals and the stories they tell whether, through video, fashion, art, photography, poetry, or painting will leave an everlasting mark on humanity.

A Piece of Hmong

Produced by the Chippewa Valley Musueum
Mai Xee Xiong was in her early twenties when she was forced by the American War in Vietnam to leave her home in Laos for refugee camps in Thailand. After spending another twenty years in four different refugee camps, Xiong came to Eau Claire. She brought with her skills she had used for traditional purposes, like sewing colorful hats each New Year. 

The personal stories of Hmong refugees are an important part of Chippewa Valley history. At the same time, Xiong's story is representative of a more timeless issue we explore throughout the exhibit: which parts of their former cultures do new residents choose to maintain and which parts do they gradually discard? Why? Xiong's choice to continue making New Year's hats helps open these questions.

Pow Wow with Passion

Produced by: University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
A Blugold student was in the making since she was a teen, dancing for the annual Pow Wow at UW-Eau Claire. Gabrielle White, of Black River Falls, is a member of the Ho-Chunk tribe and a head dancer for the 35th annual UW-Eau Claire Pow Wow. With tradition and culture in the forefront of the event, White said participants celebrate Native American heritage through music, song, dance, food and socialize with family and friends. Interviews include Gabrielle White, a UW-Eau Claire student majoring in psychology; Odawa White, retention coordinator at UW-Eau Claire's Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Nyckelharpa: A traditional Swedish instrument

Produced by the Chippewa Valley Museum
Ian Holzman talks about his experience discovering and playing the Nyckelharpa (a traditional Swedish folk instrument). Earl Holzman tells us about how he builds these instruments.

"Impressions of Cheonmachong"

Performed by the Cape Symphony in Barnstable Massachusetts
Check out this amazing performance from the Cape Symphony’s 2016 concert “The Silk Road and Beyond," choreographed by Eau Clairian Brooke Newmaster. A traditional Korean Drum Dance, Samgomu is sometimes called "three drum dance" or standing "drum dance." Each dancer is surrounded on three sides by drums, which are hung on square frames. The drums are positioned so that dancers can hit each one as they play complex rhythms and move in perfect synchronization. Jung-Ho commissioned ""Impressions of Cheonmachong" by composer Kyle Newmaster and the Cape Symphony performed the world premiere at this concert with these fantastic drummers,  It’s spectacular!

Irish Dance Performance

Performed by Janelle's School of Irish Dance
hese dancers perfrom annually at our Interntional Fall Festival! Classes are available for 12 different levels of modern and traditional Irish Ceili and step dance in hard shoe and soft shoe at their Eau Claire studio.

Celebrating Kubb Culture in Eau Claire

Produced by Visit Eau Claire
Kubb is a Nordic lawn game (sometimes referred to as Viking Chess) that involves throwing a wooden baton to try and knock over your opponents' wooden blocks, eventually taking conquest over the King Kubb. Eau Claire has been host to the U.S. National Kubb Championship since 2007!

Taichi Kungfu Fan

Performed by the Eau Claire Chinese Friendship & Scholarship Association
heck out this performance from 2019's International Fall Festival from the Chinese Friendship and Scholarship Association (CFSA). The CFSA membership is open to anyone regardless of ethnicity, religion, or political persuasion, in the Chippewa Valley, Eau Claire, and northwest Wisconsin region, who like to be actively involved in sharing Chinese culture with others.

Blugold Marching Band

Blugold Marching Band
A performance from the 2019 International Fall Festival parade. We're looking forward to having the band back in 2021!

Local Resources

Check out the resources below for information on various multicultural organizations in Eau Claire. 

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