Downtown Eau Claire Districts

What is a Business Improvement District?

Downtown Eau Claire is comprised of five Business Improvement Districts (BIDs). Property owners in these five districts have agreed to pay an additional tax that funds improvement projects in their district. For example, the lighted trees and the speaker system in the South Barstow District were conceived by the BID board and funded by the BID budget. Implementation of BID projects is executed in collaboration with City and DECI Staff.

Each BID is governed by a Board made up of property and business owners in the district. The board is charged with setting the budget for the district and determining how the funds are spent each year. Currently, the newest BID, The Cannery District, does not have an active board or projects as that BID is in the process of development. All BID Board meetings are open to the public and there are frequently opportunities to serve either on the Board or on related committees.

Click on each logo below to learn more about the Business Improvement Districts in Downtown Eau Claire. 

North Barstow District

South Barstow District 

Water Street District 

West Grand District

Cannery District