May 24, 2019

Changes/additions from last week in orange

Downtown Riverwalk Wall

Bridge lighting will take place this spring. 
Railing installation is 80% completed. Remaining railing is tentatively scheduled for installation the week of May 27th.
Final staining of the retaining wall began on Tuesday, May 21st.

Haymarket Plaza

Utilities are completed.
Pouring of seat walls has been completed.
Seat wall cap for SW wall to be ordered after wall completion.
Seat wall cap
along Haymarket Landing has been installed.
Fire feature gas piping work has been completed, Burner assemblies need to be installed. Pavers in fire feature areas have been completed.
Paving of Fountain as been completed. Tentatively scheduled for start up on May 29th.

Concrete Paving

Concrete paving complete with exception of around SW seat wall. Remainder to be completed week of May 27th.
Bean paving has been completed. Placement of stone seats scheduled for week of May 27th. 
Placement of limestone blocks has been completed in the lawn area.
Bike rack installation scheduled for the week of May 27th.
Plantings to be done in the spring for Phoenix Park Landing. 

Electrical and lighting

Electrical cabinets are completed.
Installation of column lights is complete.
Installation of stepper light strips to be completed by May 24th.

Street Improvements

Lake Street (Farwell to Chippewa River Bridge)

Tentative start date of June 17th.

West Grand Avenue (First Ave. to Oxford Ave.)

Removals have been completed.
Concrete sidewalk construction has been completed.
Storm sewer work
 has been completed.

Grading and graveling to be completed by Friday, May 24th.
Concrete curb and gutter installed May 23rd. 
Concrete Light Bases are scheduled for May 29th.
Concrete Boulevards are scheduled for May 30th.
Concrete pavement is scheduled for the week of June 3rd.

Milling and Asphalt Paving

Water Street – First Avenue to Second Avenue
Water Street – Sixth Avenue to Ninth Avenue