About the Awards

Celebrate all that makes Downtown Eau Claire so wonderful!

We were able to celebrate some of the businesses and people who make our downtown so great! See below for previous winners and stay tuned for our 2022 Awards!

2020 Winners

Best Glow Up in 2020: VER Salon

We asked voters to determine who underwent the Best Glow Up this past year, and we had an exciting number of improvements to consider!

This year, the top vote recipient was the move and makeover at VER Salon! The salon moved to a new, larger space on Water Street and created a unique and interesting environment. Check them out - you won’t regret it!

Congratulations to VER Salon! 

Best New Development in 2020: The Current Apartments

Downtown Eau Claire continues to grow and change - and last year was no exception!  With some close voting between top contenders, our winner for Best New Development is: The Current Apartments - the first residential project in The Cannery District. 

Congratulations to The Current Apartments! 

Volunteer of the Year: Suzanne Degen

Describing 2020 as an unprecedented year would be an understatement. Luckily, Downtown Eau Claire, Inc. had the leadership of Suzanne Degen as our Board President. 

While our members and the greater downtown faced extremely uncertain times, Suzanne’s thoughtful, insightful, and compassionate leadership provided stability for the Downtown Eau Claire, Inc. organization.

We are grateful to have her support and are happy to recognize Suzanne Degen as our 2020 Volunteer of the Year! 

Member of the Year: The Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce

When we consider who to recognize for Member of the year, we think about who of our members have had a significant positive impact on Downtown over the course of the past year. 

This year, we are happy to honor The Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce

Congratulations to the Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce, and thanks for your leadership and continual support of our downtown. 

Outstanding Achievement: The Pablo Group

The DECI Outstanding Achievement Award goes to a member that has created a unique, long-standing impact in Downtown Eau Claire. 

Over the course of the past year, The Pablo Group has increased access to locally-produced food through the launch of their Food Hub, commissioned multiple art projects in the downtown, including a soon-to-come mural on the Firehouse, as well as the addition of the Black Lives Matter mural at the Lismore and supported BIPOC businesses through their restaurant incubator program,

Through these initiatives, multiple development projects, and more, The Pablo Group has shown unwavering dedication and support to Downtown Eau Claire. DECI is happy to present them with this year’s Outstanding Achievement Award.

Congratulations to The Pablo Group!

Favorite Downtown Business: Ramone's

As our downtown grows, the competition continues to get more intense for Favorite Downtown Business! 

This year, the top vote getter might be a familiar name - they’ve been here before.  They make our downtown a lot sweeter, not just from the treats they serve up, but through their support of fellow businesses, consistent cheerleading for our Downtown, and their generous charitable support. The winner of Favorite Downtown Business this year is Ramone’s Ice Cream Parlor

Congratulations to Ramone’s! 

Favorite New Business in 2020: Kwik Trip

Even during a pandemic, we were happy to see several new businesses open their doors. Contenders included new businesses such as Forage, Seven Suns Vintage, Wonders of Nature, Uplift Counseling, Green Fleet Airport Shuttle, and more. 

This year, the top vote-recipient for Favorite New Business is: The Water Street Kwik Trip!

Congratulations Kwik Trip - and welcome to the Water Street Business Improvement District! 

2019 Winners

2019 Member of the Year: Tangled Up in Hue

Tangled Up in Hue has been part of our downtown for 10+ years, and their impact on downtown goes far beyond their storefront. Starting with seven artists, the store now represents between 150-200 artists - providing a retail space for artisans to sell their creations. In fact, the store has paid out over $1 million to local artists over the past decade. 

Have you enjoyed browsing the weekly Artist Market next to the Saturday Farmers Market? Thank the folks at Tangled Up in Hue for coordinating! How about the welcome banners hanging in the South Barstow district? Yep,  thank the Tangled crew for helping design them. 

Tangled has shown a deep commitment to our downtown community - we’re so glad to have them! 

2019 Sponsor of the Year: Royal Credit Union

It’s hard to imagine where downtown would be without our friends at Royal Credit Union. Ever since kickstarting downtown redevelopment, Royal Credit Union has been one of the biggest boosters of Downtown Eau Claire. 

Consistently the largest sponsor of DECI downtown events, Royal Credit Union makes many of our events possible. That includes our Jump Start Downtown Grand Prize, which goes to support business start ups in our downtown. 

They’re even planning their own events that bring people out to enjoy what our downtown has to offer - Rock the Riverfront has grown into one of the highlights of summer! 

Thank you to Royal Credit Union for their phenomenal support of Downtown Eau Claire!

2019 Volunteer of the Year: Tyler Bauer

Chances are, you’ve seen Tyler Bauer if you’ve attended a DECI event in the past several years. He’s been a volunteer for so many of our events, we certainly would trust him to run some of them! 

As you might imagine, some of the tasks involved in running events are less than glamorous, but we’ve always been able to depend on Tyler to step up and do what needs to be done to make our events a success. 

Thank you to Tyler for all of his hard work!

2019 Outstanding Achievement: The Sculpture Tour

The Sculpture Tour - Eau Claire has become an iconic piece of Eau Claire’s identity. For more than a decade, the Sculpture Tour has brought free art to our downtown, and each year, has helped facilitate the addition of more permanent art for our community members and visitors to enjoy. 

Last year, the Sculpture Tour branched out even further, launching The Color Block mural project, bringing even more art to Downtown Eau Claire. 

Thank you for all you do for Downtown Eau Claire and the arts in our community! 

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