Construction Updates

Constructions Updates June 8-June 15:

Grand Ave Footbridge:

  • Trail detour is in place and there are two great alternative pedestrian routes: the Lake Street bridge or the Phoenix Park Bridge can take walkers over to West Grand Avenue. Path detour signs have been placed. The bridge will remain closed to pedestrian traffic for the duration of the project. The west side of the bridge crosses trail users over to the west side of First Avenue and crossing on the bridge is not permitted. Trail users on the east side of the bridge are directed to the sidewalk on Graham Avenue.
  • Sidewalk access to businesses will remain open, but Grand Avenue parking spaces will be closed from Graham Avenue to the River for the duration of the construction project - it will be used as a staging area for the contractor. 
  • Conduit protection has been completed. 
  • Bearing installation has been completed. 
  • Deck removal has been completed. 
  • 1st pour of east abutment is complete. 
  • Installation of decking steel to be completed Tuesday, June 12th. 
  • Pouring of the Deck is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, June 13th.
  • West abutment work to be completed the week of June 18th. 
  • Businesses are free to place signs indicating they are open. The signs have to be run by Code Compliance to ensure they follow the signage regulations. 
  • Construction on the Grand Avenue bridge is expected to wrap up in early to mid-August - just in time for A Grand Evening on the Bridge! 

Graham Ave. 

  • Removals from Grand Avenue to S. side of Main Street have been completed. 
  • Xcel Energy is completed temporary service installation from Grand Avenue to Gray Street.
    • Installation of new Xcel conduit package is scheduled to begin the week of June 25th.
  • Removals on Main Street from Barstow Street to Graham Avenue have been completed.
  • Storm sewer is scheduled to begin the week of June 18th. 
  • Sanitary sewer from Gray St. to Grand Ave. has been completed. 
  • Sanitary sewer from Gray St. to Lake St. is scheduled for Friday, June 8th. 
    • West Bound Lake Street to be detoured on Friday, June 8th (1 day).
  • Water services are scheduled to begin on Monday, June 11th (5 days).
  • Storm sewer is scheduled to begin the week of June 11th.
  • Installation of new Xcel conduit package is scheduled to begin the week of June 11th (3 weeks). 

Confluence Crossing Bridge & Haymarket Plaza

  • Confluence Crossing Bridge, Haymarket Plaza & Riverwalk construction work will be steady in and around the plaza and bridge area through November. 
  • Excavation for the north abutment has been completed.
  • Pouring of north abutment has been completed.
  • Piling installation under step area has been completed.
  • Pouring of south abutment is scheduled for Friday, June 8th.
  • Wall sheeting installation to be completed by Friday, June 8th.
  • Sheeting of tie backs and cable installations to be completed by Tuesday, June 19th.
  • Installation of bridge to begin on north abutment the week of June 18th. (5 days).
  • Intersection of Eau Claire Street and Graham Avenue will be closed in early June for a few days while gas, electric, and water utility services are extended into Haymarket Plaza.  When the sidewalk and street are restored the pavement themes from the plaza will extend into the intersection to welcome visitors to Haymarket Plaza.

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