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A Fun Dye Factory

311 E. Madison St.
Eau Claire, WI 54703
(715) 514-2848


Tie Dye Store and Workshop.  Walk-in or schedule a party in our party room!
A fun place to Tie Dye and leave the mess with us.

Have you ever got a (perhaps secret) craving to tie dye? Maybe it never happened because it was too much of a hassle? Well, here at The Tie Dye Factory we say: Bring it! 

So this is what happens:

Our crazy awesome Tie Dye crew will welcome you to the shop and let you choose the most fun items for you to transform, then jump to our bedazzle stations and get yourself some bling before the fun mess begins!

Move to our mad-tye’entist table (get it? Like scientists but with tie in it?), and choose from dozens of different colors and styles for your new wearable piece of funky art.

Not enough? Make it a party! Bring your gang with and use our “go-bananas” party room to have some pizza, cake, open gifts and make some memories!

After all is done, pick up your newly dyed outfit, and leave our shop wondering if it is polite to come for seconds right away or wait a couple of days. Best part? Leave the mess behind (we don’t mind cleaning up after our friends!)