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Simply Sweet Shavery

3270 White Oak Ln | Eau Claire, WI 54703

Taiwanese shaved snow is ice cream - even though it looks like some sort of coral or ocean plant life. It was supposedly invented at the Shilin Night Market in Taiwan, but Singapore, the Philippines and Hawaii all have similar shaved ice desserts. Snow ice is made by mixing up ice cream, essentially, then freezing it into very hard cylindrical blocks. These blocks are then loaded into a special machine that spins the cylinder and shaves off the bottom layer of ice cream in tissue paper thin ribbons. A server holds a plate under the machine catching and arranging the folds of ice cream as they fall. Next, the dish is topped with various toppings. The result is a truly beautiful plate of food. The show ice ends up taking on an organic shape, almost like a head of lettuce, and if you didn't know you were being served ice cream, you might be confused by its appearance. We are excited to be able to share this treat with everyone!