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Eau Claire Marathon

Eau Claire, WI Eau Claire, WI

Phone: (952) 239-9866

When our family first learned that The Eau Claire Marathon had been canceled, we were disappointed because we had enjoyed participating in the past. In an instant, conversation turned to the exciting opportunity to make a meaningful difference in many lives.

To me, running has always been about the journey: A journey that leads people to a healthier lifestyle, that endorses the fact that dedication and discipline yield results, that demonstrates that you don't have to win the race to have a personal victory, and a journey that should remind us all of the power of encouragement, particularly when directed at another person. So you see to us, it has become more than just a race!

My daughter Emi and I share a passion for making the race a success. We believe through the coalition of others we can make the Eau Claire Marathon a very special event with many meaningful and significant contributions for years to come. Simply put, we want to provide a beautiful, high-quality, well-run, fun venue that will attract runners at all levels and, in turn, will provide revenues to be directed toward various charities and causes.

In our first year alone, the race sold out, and the Eau Claire Marathon and Partners were able to donate $126,000 to local charities.

Myself, my daughter Emi, my wife Kerry, and our other children and their spouses are all dedicated to keeping the Eau Claire Marathon a healthy and vibrant event for many years to come!

After the tragic passing of Emi's mother in law, Cheri Uelmen, in a bike crash in September 2014, we added Cheri Uelmen's Fantastically Fun Kid's Run on Saturday Night! Cheri was a very important part of our family, and we know that this race will keep her spirit alive.

- Pat Toutant and family.